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Salsa Lessons in Dubai – Reveal Your Latin Passion in UAE

This article will tell you why you should start taking salsa lessons. Learn why it is easier than you think and what you need to begin dancing like a pro.

Salsa Dance Classes Dubai and Reasons to Start Them at Once

Are you bored and looking for something to enlighten your life? Have you ever thought about Latin dances? No? Oh, you should! Just a couple of Salsa classes can change your life dramatically. Can you imagine it? If you are a citizen of UAE and live in Dubai, you have a perfect chance to become a good dancer. Take a while before running to the dance room and dip into some theory of salsa. At first, let’s talk about the kinds of this dance.

Theory of Salsa

Though salsa is performed in different manners in all regions with some specific features, there are still two kinds of this dance. The first one is called round salsa, the second one is linear salsa. The round salsa has its geometrical reflection of the dance – a circle. It includes such subdivisions of salsa as salsa casino (Cuban), Dominican and Columbian salsa.

Linear dance, or cross-body style, is performed on the line. Its main subdivisions are Los Angeles, New York, London salsa and others. Despite such a wide classification of the dance, many subdivisions and styles have something in common. So, if you want to learn Salsa in Dubai, find some videos and decide what kind of salsa is more preferable for you.

It can be both a group and a couple dance. The main movement consists of 8 parts and 6 steps, in other words of two groups of fast-fast-slow steps with 4 beats of musical rhythm. In connection, they form the so-called basic step of salsa. By the way, in salsa, a step is considered as a body weight transition. This moment is very important because only with a proper weight transition you can reach the harmony in salsa.

(Not) Shameful Questions about Salsa Classes Dubai Has

If you are a novice, it can be difficult for you to decide if you are ready to start your salsa classes. They are always interesting, and the first lessons contain many wonderful things. So, here is a little FAQ for those who still hesitate:

  • What clothes do I need for classes? Actually, this question is a little bit complicated. Every dance school that provides salsa lessons Dubai is fond of requires own clothes style. In general, a man needs a T-shirt, shirt, trousers of loose jeans. A woman needs a middle loose skirt, a T-shirt or a blouse with a closed back.
  • What shoes are required? Firstly, it has to be light and comfortable, with a flexible sole. Women's shoes must have an enforced small heel. The best variant is special shoes for Latin dances. You can consult with your teacher about them.
  • Are special shoes a must? No, but your regular shoes will be destroyed fast due to constant lessons and practices.
  • Is a heel a must for a girl? Again, no. But take into account that during salsa dance lessons Dubai schools give you learn how to transfer your weight and get used to it. When a heel’s length is changed, it will be difficult for you to keep balance. The conclusion – at lessons use the same heels you will use at discos.
  • Why can’t I use sports shoes? A producer uses materials that prevent slipping. It is absolutely opposite to the estimated effect of the dance.
  • How much time do I need to learn Salsa? There is no universal answer. Everything is individual. Practice shows, that if you attend salsa classes Dubai school gives you, in 6-8 months you will become a confident dancer.
  • Do I need a partner? Salsa is a couple dance, but you will not need your own. At lessons, you will change them from time to time.

This is not everything you need to learn about salsa. But you will hardly study everything by reading only. So, why are you still hesitating? Take your shoes and head to the best school in Dubai and add some spice to your life!

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