About Us

Dancing is a profound manifestation of emotions, art, humanity and equal rights.
Martin Luther King

We agree with the quotation above and dancing is a part of our heart. We're not just a newsmaking company or a blog, we live with dance, many of us are ameteur dancers, others enjoy music. So, our team has a real passion for dancing and we want to share it with you. Our aim is to provide information about dance related activities in Dubai and other emirates of UAE.

Dancing is extremely popular in Dubai: there are lots of dance schools, dance lessons and classes available; many outdoor parties and indoor clubs offer varios activities. Which of them to choose and whats' their pros and cons? That's our mission to answer all these questions. We're not just writing articles, we follow the path of professional journalism: we check all the information before posting and checking all the places we write about ourselves. Such approach guarantees that we don't publish any bullshit or ads related materials. However, some mistakes make happen, and in this case we encourage you to let us know about that, we will be glad to recieve your feedback and reviews.

We're looking for new opportunities and people! If you want to be a part of our team, please, contact us. We're open for different types of collaboration.

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